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7 Simple and Healthy Ways to Brighten Your Morning

publikováno 4.12.2019 od bemorewithless

A morning routine will help you simplify your day and brighten your morning. Starting your day intentionally with things that make you smile and slow down may be even more powerful than a strong cup of coffee. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a consistent morning routine. Focus You’ll feel less […]

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Podcast 209 | Uncivilized

publikováno 3.12.2019 od TheMinimalists

By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus ·

Joshua and Ryan talk about consumerism, the successes and failures of modern society, the price of progress, and whether civilization has actually made us less civilized with author and podcaster Dr. Christopher Ryan, and they answer the following questions...

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You Are More Than a Consumer

publikováno 29.11.2019 od becomingminimalist

If you watch the news, you begin to see, in our society, how people are often considered as mere consumers. Many of our success metrics are based on consumerism: Consumer Spending, Consumer Confidence, Consumer Price Index, Retail Sales, Manufacturing, etc. If you turn on social media, you begin to see the same thing—especially today on […]

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When Grace and Gratitude Come First

publikováno 26.11.2019 od bemorewithless

It’s interesting how we have to be intentional about practicing grace and gratitude, but stress, busyness and frustration are second nature. We are pros at reacting to all the things life throws at us, drilling through our never-ending to-do lists, skipping lunch, sacrificing sleep and taking care of ourselves in the pursuit of more. But […]

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How to Save $1,047 This Black Friday

publikováno 25.11.2019 od becomingminimalist

The average American will spend $1,047.83 this holiday season. And Black Friday (the busiest shopping day of the year) is the official beginning of the spending. In fact, over 160 million shoppers will buy something over the five-day holiday weekend. But the entire premise of Black Friday is based on the foundation of selling us […]

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