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3 Essential Goal-Setting Practices

publikováno 6.3.2018 od New minimalism

Since the book launch in January, people have been asking --

"What was it like to write a book?! Did you always know you wanted to write one?  How did it all come together?" 

These questions got me to thinking about the overall book-writing process, how it all fell into place, and how our audacious goal-setting definitely had something to do with it.

A common scene in my living room over the course of writing the book.  Vital to my success: alone time!

A common scene in my living room over the course of writing the book.  Vital to my success: alone time!

In December of 2015, we were surprised to be contacted by Sasquatch Books. After reading our blog from a snippet of an article in Sunset Magazine, Sasquatch emailed to ask if we had ever considered writing a book. Writing a book had been a bold goal of ours from the very beginning of starting New Minimalism. So while we were thunderstruck and beyond excited to receive the email, at the same time we were 100% prepared with our answer: Why yes, we have considered writing a book.  

The Importance of Goal Setting

Which brings me to goal-setting. I was first introduced to goal-setting as a formal practice in my post-university days as a mere 22 year old.  I had freshly moved to Brooklyn, NY with the idea that I'd immerse myself in the yoga community and eventually become a yoga instructor.  I found work at a yoga clothing store and was I quickly swept into the the personal development program that my new workplace generously provided. 

At 22 I was ripe for self-development --  I devoured and subsequently had my mind blown by Eckhart Tolle's, A New Earth.  I sat in the front row at leadership workshops, I "discovered my strengths" from Strengths Finder (Connectedness, Ideation, Maximizer, Input).  And I was constantly honing my communication skills as a manager. 

Every quarter my workplace would have goal-setting meetings.  We filled out 1-year, 5-year and 10-year goals related to Personal, Career and Health categories.  While goal setting at first was new and challenging, it eventually began to feel contrived.  I noticed how all the goals posted on the wall at work started to look the same across different employees. I wonder if that's how I ended up writing as one of my goals, "I get married in Tahoe by 2015" (didn't happen, by the way)?

So when I eventually left that job to pursue a career in sustainable design, I paused the practice of super-structured goal setting.  I was burned out on the constant assessing, the continual striving. What I did learn during that period was a basic goal-setting practice that I continue to this day in various notebooks and journals.


More images from the writing of the book, including, our photographer Kelly Ishikawa, the photoshoot schedule, and my sidekick during that time, Dolly Walker.

goal-setting - the basics

While there are a variety of goal-setting strategies, there seem to be 3 practices that are common to all goal-setting techniques:

  1. Write it down: In the present tense, like it's already happened). This gets it out of your head and in to the world -- a scary step!  It also gets your subconscious to work making sh*t happen.
  2. Dream big: Don't let the man hold you down, and by the man I mean your own restrictive imagination.  Your goals are often stifled by past ideas of what success should or could look like for you.  If you had zero restrictions, how would you spend your time?  
  3. Look back: Every now and again review your old journals and notebooks to see your progress, your thought process, your past behavior patterns and recall the path that got you to where you are today.  

BAck to the Writing of our Book

I concretely recall the conversation I had with Cary about New Minimalism one day writing a book.  It was during one of our 6-hour stretches working on our computers, holed up in Cafe Jane on Fillmore (freelancers in SF, you know what I'm talking about). Hailing from a lineage of writers, it was a big dream of Cary's from the beginning and when we talked about it, I thought it was thrillingly ambitious and was fully on-board.

Despite this distinct memory, I wanted cold-hard evidence of this conversation. So I started to dig into my old journals and notebooks to find the original seed.  I was convinced that I had written something down.  After about 30 minutes of rifling through different notebooks I finally found it!  Back in July of 2013 I had a little note in my journal that read:

"Books? Ideas -- 'thoughts on sustainability and simplified living'". 

There it was, plain as day, written adjacent to my interview answers for the blog post introducing me to the readers of the New Minimalism. 

Wow, the goal was so succinct and simple and to me proves that writing something down can conjure up some voodoo magic to make it a reality.  But also important to note that a prerequisite to writing it down was the mere fact that between Cary and myself, we had the safe space to dream far and wide about what was even possible for us. Without such, we wouldn't have discussed this in the first place.  So don't discount with whom you share your goals.  We already hold our own sleves back enough, with life goals you want support and encouragement.


As winter comes to a close and spring draws nearer, reminding us that time continues to pass, what can you say so far about 2018?  When the year was fresh and new in January, what goals did you set?  What dreams did you dare to write down?  How are those goals going?

There is a new moon on March 17th, and it's a good day to set intentions.  Mark your calendars, set aside some alone time and make this is your official quarterly check-in :)

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Už si nešetřím věci na později. Vy ano?

publikováno 6.3.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Na první rodinnou dovolenou k moři jsme jeli do Itálie. Alespoň v mých vzpomínkách je to ta první. Byla jsem na základce. Bydleli jsme v takových bungalovech blízko moře. Vařili si sami ze surovin, které jsme v rámci pobytu “nafasovali” na celý týden dopředu. U bungalovů byly pro vyžití všech chtivých návštěvníků i hrací automaty. Jo,

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Zvolil jsem jiný přístup. Mohlo by to udělat radost někomu jinému?

publikováno 22.2.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

VÁŠ PŘÍBĚH – Radim Hasalík mi před časem poslal mail. Podobně jako já se v určité životní fázi zbavil mnoha krabic věcí. Neskončil ale jen jednou ráznou čistkou. Postupně se zbavuje dalšího a dalšího. Začalo se mu měnit vnímání toho, co pro něj má hodnotu. Pracuje v marketingu. A tak se chtě nechtě musel vyrovnat

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Třídím své vzpomínkové věci z mládí

publikováno 13.2.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Noviny v čínštině ze dne, kdy jsem odlétala z Pekingu. Stará přání k narozeninám. Program Richarda II. z londýnského Globu. Fotky a dopisy od “pen friend” holčiny z USA (jó, z doby předinternetové). Okopírovaná cvičení z francouzské konverzace. Několik plánů Paříže. Seznam anglických památek, co jsme viděli během školního výletu na základce. Vlastnoručně malované korále

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5 Feng Shui & Decluttering Hacks For Calling In Love

publikováno 7.2.2018 od New minimalism

This article was originally written for and posted on mindbodygreen

image //  from our book

image // from our book

You’re ready for love. You’ve got the dating profile and the first date outfit you feel unstoppable in. You’re confident, open, and excited to meet someone new. Yet the type of relationship you desire most eludes you.

As a professional declutterer, I’ve worked with dozens of clients who say they are looking for love but whose spaces not only do not attract love but often repel potential partners.

While your body language may be shouting "Yes!" to romance, chances are your home is yelling "No!" The good news? In just one day, you can shift the energy, layout, and appearance of your home to be optimized for love.

Below are five crucial decluttering and feng shui tips for calling in love:

1. Make emotional space for this person.

We had a client whose walls were full of framed photos of her and her family, her and her friends, and her and *gasp* her ex (see No. 5). While she said that she wanted a partner, everything about her space implied that opposite: Her full walls signified a life without room for someone new. Not only that, having her walls so full of memories energetically pulled her into the past. This is not to say you shouldn’t decorate your home as you prefer, but do make sure that there is room both physically and energetically for someone new to enter your life. Negative space is not an absence; it’s allowing space for things to unfold.

Try this: Designate space in your home to leave open.

This could be a dresser drawer, a couple of open picture frames, a hook next to the door for someone else’s jacket, a towel bar in the bathroom, or, ideally, all of the above. This signals to the universe and subconsciously to people who enter your space that you are ready for love.

2. Shift your layout to support love.

I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve worked with who say that finding love is a top priority, and yet their spaces are completely uninviting or unsupportive of a relationship. There might be only one comfy reading spot, just one good coffee mug, or a bed too small to comfortably sleep two people. The point is not to make some voodoo doll of exactly the person you’re calling in but to make your space, however subconsciously, feel welcoming to the person you choose to invite in. In terms of design, this means making room for another person to be comfortable and relaxed in your bedroom with you.

Try this: Make your bedroom work for two.

Above all, pull your bed out of the corner—the only side of the bed that should be against the wall is where you rest your head. This allows comfortable access to the bed on each side for each person. Ideally, you’ll have a second bedside table with a lamp and room for a water glass, contacts, and so on

image //  via

image // via

3. Remove stuff from under your bed.

This problem seems to be a holdover from college days of tiny dorm rooms shared with strangers. Yet we see so many clients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s with boxes and bins under the bed! This space becomes a musty catchall for things that aren’t needed right now or aren’t a priority. Which is really bad feng shui. You’re literally spending the time you’re supposed to be relaxing and restoring floating just a few inches above dust bunnies and a bunch of to-do's. Ideally, under the bed will be totally empty, no exceptions, which allows for optimal energy circulation around the bed. If you are in a tiny studio or sharing an apartment in Brooklyn where your bed takes up about 60 percent of your room, it might be almost impossible to avoid storing things there.

Try this: Keep under your bed completely clear.

If you must store items under the bed, then do so in this order: clean bed linens, clean towels, clean out-of-season but beloved clothing. Storage should be well-made, closed bins that fit easily under the bed (i.e., if you have to pull everything out in order to find what you want or if the bins are forced up against the bottom of the bed frame, it’s no good). Do not store at any cost: mail, power cords, to-do’s, anything unkempt. Be certain to regularly clean under the bed and declutter any noncrucial items.

4. Get electronics out of the bedroom.

This is a good lifelong practice for everyone: single, partnered, child, adult. Bedrooms are the most aptly and literally named spaces in our homes. Bed. Room. They are meant exclusively for rest, rejuvenation, and intimacy. Electronics, on the other hand, are stimulating: They scatter our energy, steal our focus, and distract us from the pure. Ideally, the only items needing electricity in your room would be lamps and possibly an alarm clock or music source.

Try this: Remove ALL TVs, computers, gaming systems, cellphones, and other stimulating electronics from the bedroom.

Make sure that any remaining electronics are in good shape, dust-free, that their cords are comfortably tucked away, and that there are no overloaded power outlets.

5. Release objects from exes.

Objects have energy; that’s why we can have such strong feelings about them. Items from our exes have a powerful vibration that is both negative and pulls us toward the past. Think about stumbling upon an object from a past relationship. Paying close attention, what emotions arise when you see, hold, or wear this item? The best-case scenario is that you feel nostalgia, melancholy, or the distant ache of a fond memory. The worst-case scenario is you spiral into regret, anger, recrimination, loneliness, or heartache. The most effective way to shift your energy—conscious and subconscious—to a positive, present state is to part with the negative items in your space.

Try this: Do a "cord-cutting visualization" alongside a thorough purge of items you associate with your ex-lovers.

The visualization will help to defuse much of the energetic power of these items, making it far more straightforward to bless and release things from your exes. This includes: belongings of your ex, gifts from them, and items you associate strongly with a memory or experience with them (e.g., the dress you wore on your first date, the tchotchke you purchased on a trip together). If there are things you truly do not want to part with, be conscious of clearing the energy associated with them and how you store or display them. Note: Past relationships that end well still require a type of energetic cutting to allow you to move forward. If you’ve had a relationship where you were hurt, betrayed, or brokenhearted, then all the more so.

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Časté otázky a odpovědi

publikováno 31.1.2018 od Magdalena Čevelová

Kdysi na střední škole jsem byla o prázdninách na brigádě v turistických informacích. A asi mi to zůstalo. Protože neustále odpovídám na otázky. Lidé, které jsem úspěšně nasměrovala na poštu, do lékárny nebo do Pelhřimova, se počítají na stovky. V obchodě si mě pravidelně pletou s obsluhou. Přičemž je úplně jedno, jestli vstoupím do parfumerie, do železářství nebo [...]

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Naučil jsem se každou neděli uklidit sám sebe

publikováno 27.1.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Znáte ty jednoduché béžové notesy a diáře v kroužkové vazbě a s gumičkou kolem? Já mám doma třetí a používám je hodně ráda. Vlastně si už neumím představit, jak bych bez papírového diáře s tečkami, týdenními úkoly a prostorem na denní zápis vděčnosti fungovala. Jan Straka tyto notesy vymýšlí a já jsem ho pro vás

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Domácnost bez odpadu? Cenné postřehy z našeho ročního fungování

publikováno 7.1.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Sklenice, voskovaný ubrousek, lahve na vodu. Tuhá mýdla a šampóny. Mražení ve skle, kompostování. Cestování bez jednorázových obalů. Všechno tohle patří k našemu dennímu fungování méně-odpadové minimalistické domácnosti. Někdy s úspěchy, někdy ne. Co se osvědčilo v té naší čtyřčlenné, kde se snažíme omezovat odpady a plýtvání? Jak vypadá zero waste přibližování v naší kuchyni,

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Nakupování jídla a méně obalů. Dva kroky dopředu, jeden zpět

publikováno 16.12.2017 od Žijeme minimalismem

Nákup ve farmářském obchodě: krása, veškerá zelenina a ovoce do vlastních síťových pytlíků. Pečivo, pokud nějaké, do látkového pytlíku. V obalu jen maso, sádlo a případně nějaké drobnosti. “Můžeš si vybrat pro sebe jednu věc…” Tak zní domluva se synem, který je tu se mnou. Volbu nechávám na něm: Mami, chci tohle pitíčko s brčkem.

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Rozšířená realita Zúžením smyslů

publikováno 15.5.2017 od Minimalist.cz

Tma, Ticho a Samota po celý týden. Stejně jako drak, který žil na konci temné jeskyně či démon, který se schoval do hluboké černé díry nebo Jonáš, kterého pohltila velryba, aby se mohl znovu narodit.. Terapie tmou je inspirována prastarým tibetským rituálem yangtik a využívá smyslovou deprivaci. Faktem je, že opravdovou tmu už dnes zřídka […]

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