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How to Have More Time and Money

publikováno 10.1.2022 od becomingminimalist

Ever wish you had more time or money? Probably. According to one study, 80% of working adults wish they had more time to spend with their friends and family. In a similar study, 60% of working parents “always” feel rushed. And the New York Times, back in 2015, called the current American generation “stressed, tired, […]

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Digital Simplicity Challenge (To Help You Reduce Screen Time)

publikováno 5.1.2022 od bemorewithless

Decluttering your junk drawer is one thing but digital simplicity is another thing entirely. It’s more challenging to see because digital clutter comes from so many different directions. Answer the following questions (honestly) to see if you could benefit from some digital simplicity. Spending too much time on your phone? Annoyed that a simple email […]

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Little Piccola

publikováno 23.12.2021 od becomingminimalist

This short story was first published in 1914 by Francis Jenkins Olcott, based on the poem by Celia Laighton Thaxter. It is a heartwarming story about provision, kindness, and finding beauty in small things. I hope you enjoy it this Christmas season. Piccola lived in Italy, where the oranges grow, and where all the year […]

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