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10 Brief Reminders to Help You Declutter Your Mind

publikováno 8.10.2019 od bemorewithless

Decluttering offers amazing benefits from more space and time to better energy and less anxiety but it doesn’t stop there. Declutter your mind for even more benefits. The results aren’t as immediate as decluttering your kitchen or your closet, but once you begin to change the way you think, you’ll be more at ease, have […]

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Get Uncluttered Today

publikováno 4.10.2019 od becomingminimalist

“I have significantly less stress in my life and more self-control. Most importantly, I’m becoming more like the mom and wife I want to be.” — Caryn Seney Becoming minimalist is a website that reaches people from every walk of life—those who are living a minimalist life, those who are just discovering it, and those […]

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Project 333: Q & A to Help You Simplify Your Closet

publikováno 2.10.2019 od bemorewithless

If you want to simplify your closet (and your life), consider Project 333. You may have heard of minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 before. It’s been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, on the BBC, CNN and countless blogs and podcasts over the last nine years. And, I can’t stop talking about it. […]

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Podcast 200 | Minimalist President

publikováno 1.10.2019 od TheMinimalists

By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus ·

Joshua and Ryan discuss values, contribution, leadership, minimalist uniforms, and whether or not their could ever be a minimalist president with 2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and they answer the following questions...

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A Day Without Internet

publikováno 30.9.2019 od becomingminimalist

Note: This is a guest post from Jess Chua of Optimal Living Daily. My boyfriend and I moved into a new home earlier this year. The water and electric utilities had been set up. The internet, however, was scheduled to be connected the following day. For disclosure purposes, I don’t own a smartphone. Living without […]

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Boise Donation Resources

publikováno 27.9.2019 od New minimalism

Hi all, Cary here!

Today I wanted to share some of my top resources for where to drop your post-decluttering donations in Boise.

I’ve been working on growing this list for the past few years, but I also know that it took us the better part of a decade to secure our dozens of donation partners in the Bay, so please email me if you have additional suggestions.

The impetus for this post was the recent gathering of over 800 brilliant, accomplished, and civic minded folks at the 2019 Women and Leadership Conference here in Boise over the past week.

Two of the keynote speakers were none other than Obama’s Director of Communication, Jennifer Palmieri, and the former Secretary of the Interior and current CEO of The Nature Conservancy, Sally Jewell. It was basically a trifecta of three of my favorite things: Obama, communications, and the environment. To say I was fangirling hardcore would be an understatement:)

I also had the immense honor of speaking to over two hundred of the attendees at two different sessions on Thursday.

cary fortin skillbuilder.png

I was just blown away by how open, wise, and curious both audiences were, not to mention how thoughtful their questions were. One question that I received several times (as I shared just how crucial Kyle and I believe donating to be to the decluttering process) was, “This sounds amazing. Where can I bring ______ here in Boise?”

So, as promised to my beautiful attendees, I’m excited to share my current list below!


The ARC: Clothing, accessories, books + media, housewares, and toys.

BabySteps: Infant and young child clothing, diapers, wipes, kid cups/plates/bottles/bibs, baby toys, young child furniture.

Book It Forward!: New or gently used children’s books and text books.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters: Sports equipment, board games, and craft supplies.

Dress for Success: Women’s professional clothing such as blouses, dress slacks, skirts, suits, dress shoes and accessories in petite, regular, and plus sizes.

Habitat for Humanity: Appliances, building materials, cabinets and furniture, décor and flooring, decorative hardware, electrical, lawn and garden, millwork and doors, paint sundries, plumbing fixtures & hardware, tools & accessories, and windows.

Idaho Youth Ranch: Sports equipment, clothing, appliances, electronics, toys, yard equipment, decorations, houseware, furniture. In short, almost everything.

Interfaith Sanctuary: dental hygiene, razors, diapers, toilet paper and more.

The Library!: books, records, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, software, and magazines in good, sellable condition.

The Reuse Market: Paper, fabric and notions, artist’s mediums, mat board, framing, sign making, architecture/design materials, office/school supplies, media/tech, metal, and wood.

The Reuseum: Computers, consumer electronics, industrial machinery, spare parts, robots, spacecraft, and flux capacitors.

Women’s and Children’s Alliance: generally, WCA is in need of bedding, towels, toiletries, and toys, but please check here for their current wishlist, which is updated weekly.

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Jak zjistím, kdy bude další swap?

publikováno 26.9.2019 od Žijeme minimalismem

Blíží se podzimní vlna výměnných akcí, swapů, sdílených zón či volných výměn. Je načase konečně vypustit tenhle dlouho slibovaný článek. Jak zjistím, kdy bude další swap? A kde? Tuhle otázku od vás dostávám pravidelně, nejčastěji po nějaké akci, na kterou vás zvu a vám se zrovna nehodí dorazit. Často byste se rádi zúčastnili nějaké další,

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How To Be Happy: the 10 secrets to happiness

publikováno 25.9.2019 od bemorewithless

If you are wondering how to be happy, these suggestions might help. They won’t work every single day for every person, but they can lead to feeling happy. Note: happiness doesn’t fix sadness or grief but it can add relief. Healing takes time but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy happy times along the way. […]

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