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Konzum, nadkonzum a kompulsivní nakupování

publikováno 26.8.2018 od Minimalisticky.cz

Na mém blogu, i jiných autorů, narazíte nezřídka na tři v nadpisu uvedené pojmy. Rozlišovat mezi nimi je nesmírně důležité, pokud tedy minimalismus chcete pořádně pochopit. Můžete se tak i vyhnout tomu, abyste se stali jedním z těch, kteří nás, minimalisty, častují rádoby vtipnými hláškami, které slyšíme stokrát dokola a plynou jen z nepochopení minimalismu […]

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Decluttering Vs. Organizing

publikováno 24.8.2018 od New minimalism

6 Kitchen After.jpg

While many aspects of the New Minimalism decluttering process developed over time and through practice, there is one condition that we knew from the very inception of New Minimalism: we are not home organizers.

In our process we first and foremost declutter, and we will tell you why this distinction matters.

A home organizer will take all your worldly possessions and perfectly organize, color-code, and alphabetize them. At New Minimalism, however, we have you question whether those items should even be there in the first place. A perfectly organized space does not automatically mean you lead an effortless, clutter-free life. In fact, the need for a complicated organizational system is usually indicative of too much stuff to begin with.

A beautiful, easy-to-maintain, organized home is simply one of many positive by-products of a thoughtfully curated and decluttered life.

When in pursuit of restoring order to your home, look not to the big-box home organizing stores and magazines for answers. Their solutions beckon with promises of order and free time. But in reality, most of those multicolored stacking plastic drawers are where your things go to die. Once you finally haul those drawers home and neatly tuck away all your doodads, those items are now out of sight, out of mind, and pretty much guaranteed to never be engaged with again. How sad!

Effortful and intricate organization systems are entirely against the greater point of having your things work for you. Complicated systems require time and money to obtain, effort to install, and constant energy to keep up.

Be wary of any system that requires a significant amount of your time to maintain. Do you really want to spend an hour of your precious Saturday afternoon maintaining your recipe archives or your tool shed? All for a system that is supposedly making things easier for you? We didn’t think so. And as such we always default to the simplest, easiest systems possible.

If you were looking for the can opener in Cary’s kitchen, it would be in the one drawer designated for kitchen tools. That’s it. No labeled slot the can opener must be returned to. It’s just in the drawer with the six or so other tools she uses all the time. Similarly, Kyle corrals her pajamas in a small basket in her closet. Sometimes the clothes are folded; sometimes they are floating free.

But what allows this version of contained chaos to work is the fact that there are few items in the basket to begin with.

This excerpt was taken from our book, New Minimalism - Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living

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Rozhovor: Na náš swap noste jen to, co byste s klidem darovali kamarádům

publikováno 10.8.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Vyměňování toho, co už nám doma neslouží, je skvělá možnost, jak se věcí smysluplně zbavit. Žádná výměnná akce – swap – nevznikne sama od sebe. Je za ní dost práce, celý tým organizátorů a pomocníků. Pojďme se swapy podívat pohledem těch, co je zajišťují organizačně, technicky i propagačně. Během dvoudenního swapu v Pokojích, kterého jsem

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Jak rychle a smysluplně darovat věci? Přijďte na swap

publikováno 2.8.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Od jara narážím na swapy. Swap je akce, kde měníte své věci za jiné. Bez peněz. Nejčastěji oblečení. Donesete, co nepotřebujete a odnesete si to, co využijete. Zdá se, že takových akcí přibývá, v Praze i mimo ni. A já ještě na žádné nebyla? Bylo na čase to změnit :-). Využila jsem pozvánku na dvoudenní

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Returning to Simple

publikováno 25.7.2018 od New minimalism

Image Via

Image Via

Early motherhood, for me, was a fog of overwhelming joy and stunning sleep deprivation.

That sleeplessness extended over half a year. For while my baby was a total joy, a ball of smiles and happiness all day, sleeping multiple hours at a time was, ummm, shall we say "not her strength."

This lack of sleep profoundly altered my life. Certainly in all of the predictable ways like drinking too much coffee, experiencing "heightened" emotional states (ask my husband about this...actually, don't), and craving every carbohydrate in the world. But being so soooo tired also dramatically reduced my willpower and focus to follow through on certain behaviors that had previously seemed effortless.

I knew in having a baby that things would change, some of my old standards would have to give... I was, however, surprised by how quickly older, more insidious habits came racing back.

I knew in having a baby that things would change, some of my old standards would have to give. The kitchen might not be totally tidy before bed each night. I would probably not do laundry until I was faced with the very last pair of underwear in my drawer. Maybe the dog wouldn't get his breakfast until mid-morning some days. 

I was, however, surprised by how quickly older, more insidious habits came racing back, e.g. online shopping.

To be clear: shopping online for the necessities of a newborn whose needs are urgent and continually evolving is something I can stand behind. If there was ever a time to stay in your jammies and let the stuff come to you, it's when you have a colicky infant in the middle of winter.

My little ball of joy.

My little ball of joy.

But once I got back into the habit of shopping, my definition of necessity started to slide. The one type of pacifier that will let your baby sleep in several hour stretches? Necessary. But what about the couple of extra cloth diapers to help you eek another day out your laundry? Or baby wash clothes (bamboo! organic!)? Or that amazing teether that everyone swears by?

It is SO easy to shop online. Case in point: "one-click" shopping. This is why, when I became a new minimalist, I gave it up almost entirely. If you don't have your defenses up, your blinders on, and your wits about you, you too might end up ordering an infant sized black robe, large bib necklace, and "I Dissent" pin in April. You know, just in case.

But you get how I fell for this, right? image //  via . 

But you get how I fell for this, right? image // via

The other thing I've found about being a new parent is that I am constantly humbled. My body grew an entire human and I also sometimes leave my car keys in the refrigerator. So I honor what I'm coming through, grant myself some grace, acknowledge that I was doing the best I could. 

My little sister taught me a while back that instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "It's not a priority." Because in reality we do have time for the very most important things. If, when you say, "it's not a priority" about something that statement feels bad and untrue? Well then it's time to make some adjustments.

For me, getting back to my simpler, slower, more mindful life is a priority. Both for me and to model for my daughter.

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Travel Light: 18 Days Abroad with A purse and 1 Carry-on

publikováno 10.7.2018 od New minimalism

Image via Cotopaxi

Image via Cotopaxi

Summer is HERE!  And for many of us, that means packing a bag to get the heck out of Dodge.  Since I recently did just that, I thought I'd share some things I learned along the way.

With my dear friends' wedding to be held on the southern coast of Spain this June, I decided to take advantage of the monstrously-long flight and prolong my European escapade into an 18-day, 3-country adventure.  I quickly determined I would spend 10 days prior to the wedding visiting two close friends who now live in Frankfurt and Paris. 

My goal was to pack super light, knowing that mobility between destinations was key. My color scheme was black, white and navy, and brown, all of which are interchangeable in my book. I only brought two everyday bottoms - navy silk trousers, and white culottes, as well as just two pairs of shoes (sandals and high quality leather loafers, yes even though I was going to a wedding).  I felt emboldened to bring less items knowing that I had the security blanket of staying with friends, and could rely on them to borrow something if necessary.

All packed up and ready to go!

All packed up and ready to go!

In Frankfurt, my first stop, I had to take advantage of this safety net and borrow my friend's jean jacket once some abnormally chilly weather hit.  It was so cold, in fact, that I even layered my yoga crops under my silk trousers, which worked like a charm. This double-layering allowed my ankles to still be bare, so it looked like a "summer" outfit, accept that hiding underneath my loose silk trousers was another warm layer.

In Paris it was hot, and I pretty much lived in my thrifted, white, flowy culottes. All the tops I brought could be worn with the white culottes.  I walked around a lot, and I was worried at first that I didn't bring the right footwear, but it turned out that interchanging each day between the sandals and loafers (with socks) ensured I was blister-free. I also ended up purchasing a third pair of slip-on's in Paris (more on that, below).

Once I got to the wedding in Spain, it was beach vibes all day. I was either in my bathing suit, or dressed up for wedding events.  Here, I converged with several more friends and had virtually no need for accessories or lipstick - they kept me flush with options!

My Detailed Packing List

I've included retrospective notes in parenthesis in order to understand what I really ended up using and what ended up being extra (hey, it's important to look back and evaluate from time to time, right?).



  • underwear x 6 (I use Lululemon quick-dry underwear that will air-dry overnight after washing)
  • no-show socks x 3 (I could have used 4 pairs, since I wore the pink loafers as often as I did.  I just washed the socks several times, and they typically dried overnight)
  • regular socks x 3 (thin wool, ankle length socks.  I only needed 1 pair; I used them as "slippers" around the house)
  • compression socks x 1 (for the flight, and they worked wonders!  Thanks, Lee From America for the tip)
  • pajamas x 1 (cotton shirt + cotton shorts)
  • bras x 4 (2 regular, and 2 athletic bras ... I could have gotten away with only 1 athletic bra)
  • shoes x 2 (open-toe sandals and pink loafers.  This number eventually turned into a 3, since I ended up purchasing slip-on loafers in Paris, the silver ones pictured below. I wanted something closed-toed, that was still breathable for the hot, Spanish weather and appeared more formal than the open-toed sandals)


  • long pair navy, loose silk pants x 1
  • cropped white culottes x 1
  • jumper x 1 (This I purchased at a vintage shop in Paris.  It is a teal jumper, pictured below, that could technically count as another pair of pants.  This was super comfortable to travel in, once in hotter weather.  When originally packing my bags, it felt risky not packing a pair of jeans, but I never missed them, not once!)


  • black/white tank tops x 2
  • black bodysuit x 1
  • short sleeved t shirts x 2 (1 navy/white striped and 1 gray.  I traveled in this, and could have gotten away with only one, and just washed it right away after getting settled in Frankfurt)
  • thin brown cashmere crew neck sweater x 1
  • super thin black windbreaker x 1 (this was an important layer that wasn't the hippest look, but it kept me warm late in the night and easily stuffed into my purse)


  • cotton baseball hat x 1 (shade is a priority for this fair-skinned lass)
  • small paper parasol x 1 (sounds like a luxury, but again, shade is a priority.  I called this my "personal shade device", which proved to be v. important. I packed this instead of a broad-brimmed hat, which I also discovered packs much more easily than a hat)
  • patterned cotton beach blanket x 1 (thin enough to fold small, and thick enough to be used as a blanket on the plane, or as a shawl for cold nights)
  • small silk scarf x 1 (could be used as a head wrap or around my neck; it added lots of warmth when needed at night)
  • bathing suit x 1
  • cheetah print bathing suit cover up x 1
  • sunglasses


  • casual green cotton dress, with short sleeves x 1 (this ended up being super convenient. It was great to throw on after a shower and wear around the house almost as a robe.  That, paired with the wooly socks and I could fall asleep standing up -- so cozy!)
  • yoga outfit (black, cropped leggings and cotton sleeveless shirt. Glad I had a dedicated yoga outfit because I went to 3 different yoga classes! Inside Yoga in Frankfurt is amazing, btw!)
  • dark green dress for wedding x 1 (I thought I might wear this once before the wedding but I refrained in order to keep it extra fresssh)
  • long black skirt & black crop top for rehearsal dinner x 1 (I wore these as separates after the rehearsal dinner when I wasn't as concerned about wrinkling, etc.)

Travel Tips

Invest in an amazing suitcase or bag! 

I used the Allpa 35L by Cotopaxi.  I was searching for something that was a backpack and a suitcase in one, and I found it here.  All the internal zippered compartments meant I didn't have to go overboard on  packing cubes.  I just used one cube for small loose items, and another cube for dirty laundry.  The backpack function made it  easy to go up and down stairs in the airport and subway stations (and the 6 flights up to the apartment I was staying in in Paris [enter sweat emoji] here). This bag is also super durable, even when I put extra stress on the zippers in order to bring home some edible souvenirs from Paris.  My one feedback is I wish it had little wheels and a small handle, because in the airport I didn't need to always carry the bag, and it would have been nice to roll it at times. Because it is a suitcase-shaped, I didn't feel super chic carrying a big, square backpack through the city streets, but I did zip past all my fellow travelers who were struggling with heavy suitcases up and down stairs.


seek out COSMETICS THAT serve double-duty

In the mornings, at home and while traveling, I use a high quality, non-toxic, all-in-one facial moisturizer, sunscreen and tinted makeup (Suntegrity).  Before bed (since I don't need sunscreen or makeup, obvs) I just used my body lotion on my face. I used my shampoo as my body wash and at times, also for laundry detergent (when I hand-washed items in the shower -- which actually works, btw!).

Mind the Little Luxuries 

On the flight I used my beach blanket as my sleeping blanket, I wore long compression socks for comfort and warmth and an eye mask to get proper sleep on the plane.  I also brought Yogi Berry Detox tea and my insulated Hydroflask thermos to have an unlimited supply of tea on the flight.  This way I stayed hydrated without having to buy water in plastic bottles.  I fasted on the plane to avoid the salty, processed foods and felt way better upon integrating into a different time zone.

Don't Forget Your reusable, Zero-Waste Arsenal

I packed a real metal fork from my kitchen and used it in the airport or whenever eating in transit.  I was constantly using the small canvas tote I tucked into my leather purse to carry additional groceries and such. I also brought a netted vegetable sack for produce, since I often buy produce when I'm traveling.  These little things all came in super handy and allowed me to say "no thank you" to plastics bags and single-use disposable items.  I even kindly asked the attendant at a small super market in Spain look in the back for an extra cardboard box when we made an impromptu stop at the grocery store.  The more I refuse plastic bags, the more easily it is becoming a non-negotiable for me, even in places where it might be considered "weird" to do so.

Off-set your carbon footprint

Cruising around on a jet plane really takes a toll on one's environmental goals.  While I eat a mostly vegan diet, which offsets my environmental impact in a big way, I wanted to do something about this extravagant flight to Europe, so I decided to donate to The Story of Stuff, an organization dedicated to "people-powered campaigns that reduce waste and spur innovation, like [their] efforts to defend public water and prevent plastic pollution." Their very first movie titled, The Story of Stuff, was a major inspiration for creating New Minimalism back in 2013.

I hope that these detailed notes help you when you sit down to pack for your next trip. Traveling is a great way to try out a capsule wardrobe and realize that you don't need all that much to be comfortable!

Happy traveling this summer!



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Holení: Dá se používat pánský strojek na žiletky místo jednorázového plastového holítka?

publikováno 30.6.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Na jaře jsem se rozhodla vyzkoušet pánský holicí strojek místo jednorázového holítka. Chtěla jsem zkusit, jestli je takové holení vůbec možné, pohodlné a bezpečné. Chtěla jsem omezit další plastový a směsný odpad z naší domácnosti. Tím pak dlouhodobě ušetřit peníze. Když jsem v březnu na Facebooku zveřejnila tenhle můj záměr a fotku, strhla se smršť

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Jak na krabici s nostalgickými předměty?

publikováno 28.6.2018 od Minimalisticky.cz

Deník se vzpomínkami ze základní školy, alba s fotkami celé vaší rodiny, vaše první kolečkové brusle. Může to být i spousta jiných věcí. Podstatné ale je, že jejich praktická hodnota je už nulová, ale za to jejich sentimentální hodnota je velká. Proto je stále máte. Musíte je ale mít? Musí vám zabírat místo a jednou za […]

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Why We Are Here

publikováno 20.6.2018 od New minimalism

Photo: Ryan Devisser

Photo: Ryan Devisser

When your space is clear, your mind is clear.  

Living simply serves to illuminate inherent truth, the truth that we were put on this earth not to accumulate things but to love and be loved.  

You’re here. You are whole and perfect.

So consider the boxes checked; you’ve arrived! You get to be happy. Right now. The stage is set in the best possible way to empower you to live your best life.  

Photo: Kelly Ishikawa

Photo: Kelly Ishikawa

Beyond the personal benefits,  when you complete the New Minimalism decluttering process, you will be contributing to your community with the items you choose to donate to others.  When you donate you are being good to the earth, keeping things out of the landfill and signaling that fewer things need to be made in the first place.  

As you tread lightly, mindfully and generously, picture the ripple effect of your actions, radiating out from your your home, into your neighborhood, your city, eventually encompassing this little blue dot called Earth that we all share.

This excerpt, and more, can be found in our book, New Minimalism - Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living: www.newminimalism.com/the-book

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To hlavní, co se tu celý rok dělo. Soukromé shrnutí k třetím narozeninám blogu

publikováno 19.6.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Je to tady. Blog právě v těchto dnech slaví třetí narozeniny. Teprve třetí, ale sama mám pocit, že ho píšu už dlouhá léta. Tradičně v tuhle dobu píšu shrnutí toho, co se všechno na blogu a kolem něj za poslední rok stalo. Nebudu tradici přerušovat a pustím se do toho i tentokrát. Je to pro

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