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Minimalistické prohřešky – aneb čeho mám moc

publikováno 13.10.2018 od Minimalisticky.cz

Píšu o tom, jak mít méně věcí, jak se žije s méně věcmi lépe. To vše je pravda, já tomu věřím. Podkládám to ostatně na svých přednáškách i daty a studiemi. No, ale včera jsem si přinesl tohohle pichlavého krasavce domů z Ekofilmu. Přivedlo mě to k tomu, že napíšu krátký článek o věcech, kterých […]

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Rituály v podnikání

publikováno 25.9.2018 od Magdalena Čevelová

Rituály odjakživa pokládám za užitečné a potřebné. Usnadňují naší psychice přejít z jedné životní fáze do druhé a srovnat se s věcmi, které nemůžeme změnit. Pomáhají nám najít v životě smysl, plnit si sny, vize a cíle i nechat jít věci, které už nám neslouží. Když se řekne rituál, většina lidí si představí něco náboženského nebo čarodějnického. Ale [...]

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Moving In Together? These 6 Decluttering Tips Will Make It Painless

publikováno 20.9.2018 od New minimalism

Image: Studio Firma

Image: Studio Firma

This article first appeared on mindbodygreen

Deciding to move in together is an exciting step in any romantic relationship. But if I've learned one thing through my work as a professional declutterer, it's that when merging spaces, it's crucial to intentionally change the way you look at your home or apartment from a "me" to a "we" mentality. Here are six tips to help make your transition a little more seamless:

1. If one partner is moving into the other person's space, clear the slate first.

The person already living in the space should consider removing all personal items that adorn the home. Remove all the photos on the mantel, the mementos on the fridge, the family photos on the walls. Then, you can reassess those pieces with a more critical eye with your partner—does that wedding invite from seven years ago still need to be displayed on your fridge? In my studio apartment, I had hung one family portrait, and when my boyfriend KG moved in, he brought along his favorite family snapshot so that we could both have one cherished photo hanging on the tiny gallery wall.

2. Enact the "Bedside Equality Act."

Have you ever walked into a couple's bedroom to see that one side of the bed is pushed up against the wall? That position subtly says that one person gets priority access to all the luxuries: the bedside table, the lamp, the reading material, the mug of tea. Meanwhile, their bedmate is bereft on the far side of the bed, stuck between their lover and a wall!

Equal access to both sides of the bed instills fairness at a very basic level. No matter how small your bedroom is, I would argue that the most important thing is making it possible for both people to have walk-up access to their side of the bed, along with a light and bedside table.

If you have an extra-small room like ours, you can save space by wall-mounting a light and using the world's smallest bedside tables. What's even more freeing about this scenario: As the months pass, you have the flexibility to (gasp!) sleep on different sides of the bed.

3. Carve out solo spaces where possible.

In our apartment, we each have our own side of the closet and a small secretary desk for when we work from home. While this seems like no big deal, designating spaces (or even surfaces!) that are solely your own can help keep the peace, especially in smaller spaces.

4. Remember that teamwork makes the dream work.

Working on a fun project together can make a space feel like it belongs to both of you. Right when you move in, decide on a DIY so there's a design element in your home that you both had a part in creating. For us, it was as simple as printing a large image and attaching it to a piece of foam core to hang on the wall.

5. Talk, talk, and then talk some more.

After several discussions, KG and I came to understand what we both liked about our studio apartment, what we would change, and how we would implement these tweaks together. From these discussions, we prioritized what needed to happen: repaint accent walls, find a photo for the focal wall, find a desk solution, decide where to hang the surfboard, etc. Get these conversations out of the way early, so you're on the same page about the plan of action moving forward.

6. On move-in day, don't pressure your partner to declutter their stuff.

Set the example by leading your own decluttered lifestyle, and you may be surprised by how your partner responds. Giving them the space to pause, reflect, and come to decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of on their own is the only way that lasting change will happen.

Oh and here's one last fun idea: When all the hard decisions are made, celebrate with an emotionally cleansing bonfire (or metaphorical bonfire!) using those sentimental papers you're getting rid of as fodder. Best of luck in your pursuit of cohabitation bliss!

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Komu Stačí málo? Reportáž z festivalu o minimalismu

publikováno 13.9.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Patrik, Aneta a Alvin. Tři minimalisté z Brna, kteří se rozhodli, že o svém oblíbeném tématu uspořádají celý festival. Díky nim vznikl první průkopnický ročník festivalu Stačí málo. Festival o minimalismu Stačí málo se konal v sobotu 8. září 2018 v Brně v Café Práh. Dorazilo přes stovku diváků, aby si poslechli nejrůznější přednášky o

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publikováno 26.8.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Už hodinu sedíme v autě v zácpě na dálnici. Venku je vedro. Občas pomalu popojedeme. Děti jsou vzadu už nervózní. Já taky. Představovala jsem si, jak budeme už kolem oběda na chatě pod borovicemi… Trochu automaticky a trochu z nudy sáhnu do tašky pro knížku, kterou si hodlám těch pár dní na chatě v klídku

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Konzum, nadkonzum a kompulsivní nakupování

publikováno 26.8.2018 od Minimalisticky.cz

Na mém blogu, i jiných autorů, narazíte nezřídka na tři v nadpisu uvedené pojmy. Rozlišovat mezi nimi je nesmírně důležité, pokud tedy minimalismus chcete pořádně pochopit. Můžete se tak i vyhnout tomu, abyste se stali jedním z těch, kteří nás, minimalisty, častují rádoby vtipnými hláškami, které slyšíme stokrát dokola a plynou jen z nepochopení minimalismu […]

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Decluttering Vs. Organizing

publikováno 24.8.2018 od New minimalism

6 Kitchen After.jpg

While many aspects of the New Minimalism decluttering process developed over time and through practice, there is one condition that we knew from the very inception of New Minimalism: we are not home organizers.

In our process we first and foremost declutter, and we will tell you why this distinction matters.

A home organizer will take all your worldly possessions and perfectly organize, color-code, and alphabetize them. At New Minimalism, however, we have you question whether those items should even be there in the first place. A perfectly organized space does not automatically mean you lead an effortless, clutter-free life. In fact, the need for a complicated organizational system is usually indicative of too much stuff to begin with.

A beautiful, easy-to-maintain, organized home is simply one of many positive by-products of a thoughtfully curated and decluttered life.

When in pursuit of restoring order to your home, look not to the big-box home organizing stores and magazines for answers. Their solutions beckon with promises of order and free time. But in reality, most of those multicolored stacking plastic drawers are where your things go to die. Once you finally haul those drawers home and neatly tuck away all your doodads, those items are now out of sight, out of mind, and pretty much guaranteed to never be engaged with again. How sad!

Effortful and intricate organization systems are entirely against the greater point of having your things work for you. Complicated systems require time and money to obtain, effort to install, and constant energy to keep up.

Be wary of any system that requires a significant amount of your time to maintain. Do you really want to spend an hour of your precious Saturday afternoon maintaining your recipe archives or your tool shed? All for a system that is supposedly making things easier for you? We didn’t think so. And as such we always default to the simplest, easiest systems possible.

If you were looking for the can opener in Cary’s kitchen, it would be in the one drawer designated for kitchen tools. That’s it. No labeled slot the can opener must be returned to. It’s just in the drawer with the six or so other tools she uses all the time. Similarly, Kyle corrals her pajamas in a small basket in her closet. Sometimes the clothes are folded; sometimes they are floating free.

But what allows this version of contained chaos to work is the fact that there are few items in the basket to begin with.

This excerpt was taken from our book, New Minimalism - Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living

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Rozhovor: Na náš swap noste jen to, co byste s klidem darovali kamarádům

publikováno 10.8.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Vyměňování toho, co už nám doma neslouží, je skvělá možnost, jak se věcí smysluplně zbavit. Žádná výměnná akce – swap – nevznikne sama od sebe. Je za ní dost práce, celý tým organizátorů a pomocníků. Pojďme se swapy podívat pohledem těch, co je zajišťují organizačně, technicky i propagačně. Během dvoudenního swapu v Pokojích, kterého jsem

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Jak rychle a smysluplně darovat věci? Přijďte na swap

publikováno 2.8.2018 od Žijeme minimalismem

Od jara narážím na swapy. Swap je akce, kde měníte své věci za jiné. Bez peněz. Nejčastěji oblečení. Donesete, co nepotřebujete a odnesete si to, co využijete. Zdá se, že takových akcí přibývá, v Praze i mimo ni. A já ještě na žádné nebyla? Bylo na čase to změnit :-). Využila jsem pozvánku na dvoudenní

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Returning to Simple

publikováno 25.7.2018 od New minimalism

Image Via

Image Via

Early motherhood, for me, was a fog of overwhelming joy and stunning sleep deprivation.

That sleeplessness extended over half a year. For while my baby was a total joy, a ball of smiles and happiness all day, sleeping multiple hours at a time was, ummm, shall we say "not her strength."

This lack of sleep profoundly altered my life. Certainly in all of the predictable ways like drinking too much coffee, experiencing "heightened" emotional states (ask my husband about this...actually, don't), and craving every carbohydrate in the world. But being so soooo tired also dramatically reduced my willpower and focus to follow through on certain behaviors that had previously seemed effortless.

I knew in having a baby that things would change, some of my old standards would have to give... I was, however, surprised by how quickly older, more insidious habits came racing back.

I knew in having a baby that things would change, some of my old standards would have to give. The kitchen might not be totally tidy before bed each night. I would probably not do laundry until I was faced with the very last pair of underwear in my drawer. Maybe the dog wouldn't get his breakfast until mid-morning some days. 

I was, however, surprised by how quickly older, more insidious habits came racing back, e.g. online shopping.

To be clear: shopping online for the necessities of a newborn whose needs are urgent and continually evolving is something I can stand behind. If there was ever a time to stay in your jammies and let the stuff come to you, it's when you have a colicky infant in the middle of winter.

My little ball of joy.

My little ball of joy.

But once I got back into the habit of shopping, my definition of necessity started to slide. The one type of pacifier that will let your baby sleep in several hour stretches? Necessary. But what about the couple of extra cloth diapers to help you eek another day out your laundry? Or baby wash clothes (bamboo! organic!)? Or that amazing teether that everyone swears by?

It is SO easy to shop online. Case in point: "one-click" shopping. This is why, when I became a new minimalist, I gave it up almost entirely. If you don't have your defenses up, your blinders on, and your wits about you, you too might end up ordering an infant sized black robe, large bib necklace, and "I Dissent" pin in April. You know, just in case.

But you get how I fell for this, right? image //  via . 

But you get how I fell for this, right? image // via

The other thing I've found about being a new parent is that I am constantly humbled. My body grew an entire human and I also sometimes leave my car keys in the refrigerator. So I honor what I'm coming through, grant myself some grace, acknowledge that I was doing the best I could. 

My little sister taught me a while back that instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "It's not a priority." Because in reality we do have time for the very most important things. If, when you say, "it's not a priority" about something that statement feels bad and untrue? Well then it's time to make some adjustments.

For me, getting back to my simpler, slower, more mindful life is a priority. Both for me and to model for my daughter.

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